Business Success - Its All About You

Business Success - Its All About You

As a company leader and mentor for the past 15 years, I have seen many entrepreneurs caught in the cycle of overwork, in their pursuit of a good idea matched with bowel, hard work and determination. But often the results are just subservient, even if they stop on the road to chasing gurus who think they will show them how things will finally click.

Realize its about you

Your company is a reflection of you. It is a container for our own rich spirits, talents, gifts and energy. It also contains your problems, blocks and attitudes. What we experience in our business is a reflection of the values, beliefs and images we hold. That way, your business is about you and can only be as big as you are, no more and no less.

Grow yourself

One customer once said, Having business is the best personal course you will ever take. This is very true. If you want to grow your business, all marketing systems, secrets and strategies in the world will not help you if you do not grow yourself first. For example, if you think you have to work for 16-hour days to succeed, you will stop working 16-hour days. And you may or may not succeed. If your leadership style is disrespectful for team members and customers, the energy of the business will reflect this.

Go out of your own way

It looks different for us all, even from day to day. Sometimes its just too busy doing things we know we need to do. It can also be fear. This can also appear in many ways.

We can be afraid that we are not good enough, so we are delaying or overwhelming at the thought of doing the task. A personal favorite of me was the fear of being wrong, so I played it for sure and restricted myself to things I already knew I could do well.

Focus on what you do best

As entrepreneurs, you carry many hats, but some do not match or may collide with your personality. Too often, I see small businesses or solo entrepreneurs worrying about sending out invoices, following up with customers or marketing. This constant concern drains its energy and keeps them from focusing on the parts of the business they are doing well.

Rather than trying to be everything for all people, its better to focus on your strengths and become an outsourcing expert for the rest. Do what you do best and delegate the rest.

Define success

Define what success means to you and you will notice a tugboat to make changes in your life, both significant and small. You get a better idea of ​​what you really want to do, deep inside. By defining success on your terms, you free yourself from priorities that are not relevant and are free to enjoy life completely.

Be responsible

You are in control and you are responsible for everything that appears in your life. If you think someone or something else is the cause of what happens, you choose to become a victim. Look at the word responsibility: Response ability; The ability to choose your answer Accept this responsibility. Do not blame for circumstances or circumstances. Everything comes down to your choices the creator of your life.

Build the community

You are never alone. Everything is in touch with other things that connect to more things, like a connected web. Nothing and nobody is independent. If such a thing existed, it would not be able to change.

It is a common misconception that the end of development is independence. Each of us is a live link in the chain that ties us all together. Only with an attitude of cooperation and communication can we produce profitable results, create creative ideas and create what we want.

Get a life

When you expect your work to give meaning and fulfillment, it becomes a desperate search for something that is not there - one life. Your work is not your life. You are more than you do. You are the sum of your parts, of which only one is work.

Too often, our work becomes our identity and we put off the rest of our lives. As a work-centered culture, we have lost contact with ourselves. We skip lunch, do business in our cars and in our childrens soccer game, and are always connected, even on vacation. We perceive that we have no choice and therefore feel like a victim. In realty we use work to avoid other things.

Keep it simple

Life is simple. We are the ones that make it complicated. There is a difference between effort and struggle. Think of nature ... it makes efforts to maintain, but not fighting. Its just that. Living requires effort. Managing a company involves a certain effort. However, the fight is voluntary. It is a struggle we are struggling with ourselves.

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