Benefits of Hiring a Pet Sitter

Benefits of Hiring a Pet Sitter

Usually, in Australia, boarding facilities are provided for you to leave your pets while you travel. However, if you prefer a pet sitter, boarding facilities can be a second option for you. The pet sitting business in Australia comes with benefits both for you and your pet.

Pet sitting Brisbane reduces the risks of getting sick. The likelihood of your dog getting ill after exposure to other dogs that might be infected is high. A common infection in such facilities is Bordetella, a respiratory infection which has symptoms such as lethargy, high fever, and a cough. Leaving your dog with a pet sitter Brisbane eliminates this risk.

A pet sitter Sydney can relieve the anxiety of your dog while you are away. When dogs stay away from their owners for too long, their tension builds up. Hiring a sitter gives your dog undivided attention and relieves their anxiety, e.g. more play time as compared to boarding facilities.

Anxiety also builds up when the dog has a change of environment. Being around a different atmosphere and schedule spikes their anxiety, making them stressed. Pet sitters Adelaide will keep your dog within its natural environment and maintain its routine, e.g. same walk time, playtime and feeding time.

While you are away, having constant communication about your pet is relieving. Opting for pet sitting gold coast assures you of increased communication. You can get updates via emails, text messages and calls. A pet sitter Canberra can also multitask as a home caretaker. They can also take care of your home and deter thieves.

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